Storytelling | BLOG

Storytelling is my passion and my way of life. I have been connected to this land and community for seven generations.

Stories create our perceptions of our world. Akaroa has some of the most amazing history in New Zealand and some of the best conservation projects, I love to tell these stories in a way that bring them to life and leave you feeling so inspired about our future.

The Seventh Generation delivers regenerative tourism, sustainable from the ground up. With our own carbon sink of native forest on our land. Sustainability is my whole way of life, from milking the house cow in the morning to growing our own meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit and berries too! We have fenced the forest on our farm and the streams too, to protect the lifeforce or mauri of our natural systems.

I believe in living life that is in alignment with our passions and dreams, that we have been given this gift that we should not waste. Storytelling and regeneration is who I am, it is what makes me come alive. It is my pleasure to share that with you. 

The Seventh Generation “Storytelling | Blog”
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