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Group of school children at Hinewai Reserve with Hugh Wilson New Zealand History School Group
Enviroschools Canterbury at Hinewai Reserve with Hugh Wilson and Marie Haley of The Seventh Generation School Tours, 2014

The Seventh Generation’s immersive field trips allow New Zealand history school students to uncover the history, geology, ecology, mātauranga Māori and unique French settler culture of Aotearoa.

Understand the big ideas of Aotearoa New Zealand's histories: in a bi cultural context.

Know national, rohe, and local contexts: with a local expert.

Do; thinking critically about the past and interpreting stories about it: Be the Change.

New Zealand History School students can learn about topics such as:
  • The first Polynesian settlers to Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū/Banks Peninsula
  • The geological foundations of Canterbury
  • The biodiversity hotspot that is Banks Peninsula
  • Takapūneke, the location of the Brig Elizabeth Te Rauparaha massacre
  • The Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi first signed in the South Island at Ōnuku Marae
  • The British declaration of sovereignty of the South Island at the Britomart Monument in the ‘Race-for-Akaroa’.
  • The French culture and heritage of Akaroa

Akaroa is unique in New Zealand for having a grouping of five important historic sites so close together that students can know about The Big Ideas, in a Local Context and with stories that will inspire them to Be the Change.

Takapūneke is set to become a National Historic Reserve, and soon will be recognised as being as important as the Treaty of Waitangi Grounds, for it’s role in driving the First British Resident to New Zealand, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Treaty of Waitangi.

Ōnuku Marae, where the Tirity was first signed in the South Island is clustered with the Britomart Monuments imperial ‘race for Akaroa’ demonstration British sovereignty in the South Island for the first time.

These incredible events in history provide a unique setting for a remarkable story to unfold, all told by a French descendant, who’s Great-great-great Grandfather was present at the purchase of Banks Peninsula, a crew member on the Comte de Paris, avid Napoleon supporter and friend of Victor Hugo.

Marie is the seventh generation to live in Akaroa, but engages deeply with responsible biculturalism and Maori concepts that deeply guide her life and tours.

The Seventh Generation’s Core Principles:
Tūrangawaewae: know who you are, where you belong.
Kaitiakitanga: protect that which you love.
Manaakitanga: share stories that enhance, so that you leave better.

Field trips can be tailored to student groups of all ages, in many subject areas, and within the schools budget.

What Teachers Think

"Our tour with Marie was excellent, and I highly recommend her to other teachers. Everything was beautifully organised and easy, and Marie was so engaging. The students learnt a lot, and the subject really came alive for them. A tour with Marie would also be excellent PD for any staff teaching Social Studies, History, Geography or Ecology. Marie has thoroughly researched the content of her tours and is so knowledgeable. She is friendly and her passion for story-telling is clear. A great day out for myself and my students."

"Your kōrero was informative and considerate! It was rich in history, well detailed, and researched. It served as a reminder of just how important it is for students to learn about where they come from and the stories from where they reside. Such learning out of the classroom is invaluable and necessary! It allows learners to make connections and better understand the world around them. Our students were able to visualise and better comprehend the events which had taken place in Akaroa and make connections with what happened then and what continues to happen in Aotearoa, New Zealand."

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About Your Guide

The Seventh Generation Guide outside Onuku Church

Historic stories are woven together and bought to life in a vision of understanding by an expert storyteller and seventh generation French descendant, who draws on students’ imaginations and creativity to create a unique connection to personal inquiry.

With decades of work in community conservation and as a trained ecologist, Marie Haley can arrange visits to the internationally renowned Hinewai Reserve and Wildside Project for students to build a deeper connection to nature conservation concepts.

Marie has had many years of experience in operating tours with school groups of all ages. You can fully rely on her to provide the best possible experience for your students to learn about the history and nature of New Zealand in an engaging way, so that they leave with more knowledge, a deeper sense and understanding for New Zealand and a strong sense of hope for the future.