Real Sustainability

Sustainability for the seventh generation after us, keeping in mind the generations who came before.

Protecting and celebrating natural beauty, natural quiet, ecosystems and communities.

School Trips New Zealand
School children link arms around old tree

Regenerative Tourism.

Our Core Principles: Tūrangawaewae: Know who you are, where you belong. Kaitiakitanga: Protect that which you love. Manaakitanga: Share stories that enhance, so that you leave better.

We share stories that regenerate, not only the listener, but the storyteller, the community and the place from which they come.

Sharing important oral stories keeps them alive and passes them along, from one generation to the next. We are their guardians, we must tell them well.

Stories connect you to place, so that you can experience it authentically.

Authentic experiences transform your soul, so that you leave better.

what we are doing

Protecting Nature on Our Land

We have: Fenced our native forest. Excluded stock to protect our freshwater systems. Plant trees to create shelter, shade, fodder. Connect biodiversity zones for connectivity across the landscape. Allow native regeneration in pasture. Removed weed species. Monitor native animals. Participate in Pest Free Banks Peninsula.

We have measured our carbon footprint and are signing up our land as a carbon sink through the ETS, we offset all our tour emissions through planting native trees on our land.

Natural Quiet and Beauty

Natural quiet enhances your soul, it feeds creativity and brings you peace. It is also so important for native animals to display their natural behaviors.

Natural beauty and quiet are to be protected not only for the wellbeing they bring us, but for their sacred essence.

We educate on Quiet Parks International and the importance of natural quiet. We protect natural beauty on our own land to enhance the mauri (lifeforce).

Community Conservation

In 2021 we started Regenerating Okaruru, a project to protect the freshwater catchment of Goughs Bay.

We inspire people with the story of Hinewai Reserve and educate about conservation ecology, native regeneration, and being kaitiakitanga.

Marie is a Trustee of the Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū Geopark, a holistic model of sharing stories that connect people to place.

Marie was the Wildside Co-ordinator for eight years helping neighbours protect endangered species, forest and water.

regenerative farming

Restoring the mauri (life-force) of our natural systems restores the vitality, abundance, health and beauty. We do this holistically by understanding the whole first, including the stories of place, then we can heal the parts: the soil, the water, the insects, animals, plants and connections between them.

Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity is at the very core of our farming operation. The value of our land is holistic and goes far beyond our bank account.

We protect biodiversity for it’s own sake, out of love. We share this space and mutually enhance.

When the land is healthy we are healthy.

Raising Animals with Love

“Koe knuffelen” or cow hugging is part of our everyday ‘farming’.

We love and name our animals, we grow vegetables for them to eat, they are part of the family.

When it is time for them to go to slaughter they have had the most incredible life.

Our Partnerships

None of us act alone. The Seventh Generation has built a wide network to enhance, our stories, our people, our place.

Care for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace. Travel safely, showing care and consideration for all. And respect the culture and local communities, travelling with an open heart and mind.
Everybody needs quiet right now! Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. We are an all-volunteer organization.
The Geopark weaves together stories of land-forming processes, flora and fauna, people, culture and communities to create a deeper understanding and sense of connection to place.
We are participating landowners within the Wildside, a landscape scale conservation project to protect endangered species, protect habitat and enhance community.
Marie has a long association with Predator Free New Zealand, traveling the country to speak at workshops. She now educates on the importance of predator control, creating an vision for the future.
We acknowledge Environment Canterbury as our partner in Regenerating Okaruru and as a principle funder, we could not achieve this work without them.

Teaching the next generation... and the next... and the next....