You are currently viewing Sharing the magic, stories of abundance on Campbell Island, at Akaroa Area School; Akaroa Education The Seventh Generation.
Marie Haley talking to an Akaroa Area School Class about Campbell Island and true abundance.

Sharing the magic, stories of abundance on Campbell Island, at Akaroa Area School; Akaroa Education The Seventh Generation.

Akaroa Education The Seventh Generation, history told by a direct descendant, for future generations.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Akaroa Area School to talk about the natural abundance on Campbell Island. I was lucky enough to visit this remote uninhabited Sub-Antarctic Island three times while a student at Victoria University in Wellington.

About The Seventh Generation
Campbell Island Southern Royal Albatross

I shared with the children some of most memorable experiences of living in the wild, with no phone coverage, no internet, no weather forecast, no TV, no roads, no shops, just freedom to live in the moment and be blown away by the abundance and beauty. Everywhere I went I was surrounded with wildlife that was not afraid of humans. Each time we made camp we would immediately have a New Zealand pipit (small brown bird in the bottom right photo) take up residence, hopping around our feet eating the crumbs and at times even sitting on our legs and feet.

Whenever I took the time to sit and enjoy what happened naturally around me, there would always be a surprise, one morning during my outdoor ablutions three yellow-eyed penguins gathered for their morning chat before heading out to sea. Anywhere that you sat and waited there would be magic.

Wildside Project The Seventh Generation
Yellow-eyed penguins breed on Campbell Island

Akaroa Education For The Seventh Generation.

The Seventh Generation offers education trips in Akaroa across a range of disciplines, History, Social Studies, Geography, Earth Sciences, as well as specific topics such as Pest Free Banks Peninsula. akaroa education the seventh generation

The History trips align with the Aotearoa NZ’s Histories Curriculum that will extend schools learning into local history told by key characters connected to the history, covering Māori, French and European History.

“Our [New Zealand History School Trip] with Marie was excellent, and I highly recommend her to other teachers. Everything was beautifully organised and easy, and Marie was so engaging. The students learnt a lot, and the subject really came alive for them. A tour with Marie would also be excellent PD for any staff teaching Social Studies, History, Geography or Ecology. Marie has thoroughly researched the content of her tours and is so knowledgeable. She is friendly and her passion for story-telling is clear. A great day out for myself and my students.” Rachel, Lincoln High School

Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.