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Giants House Akaroa ‘The Happiest Garden on Earth’

Inside Out Akaroa House & Garden Tour 2022 | Free Guide

Inside Out Akaroa House & Garden Tour is a Celebration of Life and Spring, Come and Enjoy!

The Inside Out Akaroa Garden Tour happens every two years, and what a two years it has been! This is your chance to enjoy the very best that Akaroa has to offer, explore Akaroa gardens, spring weather, amazing Akaroa cafe’s and restaurants, and stay in wonderful accomodation, it’s your choice for a fabulous weekend getaway.

Akaroa’s extremely popular Inside Out Akaroa House & Garden Tour is on November 2022 and it is bigger and better than ever with a fabulous range of houses and gardens, some never open to the public before.

Free GUIDE to Inside Out Akaroa 2022

Inside Out Akaroa 2022
Inside Out Akaroa Guide
Inside Out Akaroa Guide Map
Inside Out Akaroa Guide
Inside Out Akaroa Guide
Inside Out Akaroa Guide
Inside Out Akaroa Guide

Absorb the character and history of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula with these sneak-peaks inside and outside some of the most amazing homes and gardens.

The Inside Out Akaroa House & Garden Tour takes place over 2 days on the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 2022- with 13 amazing gardens to discover, at your own pace, on a flexible self-drive program.  

You can buy your tickets on Event Finda or on Visit Akaroa.

There are so many things to do in Akaroa, with music at the Grand Hotel, diner at one of the many wonderful restaurants such as The Little Bistro, a coffee break in the popular local spots Ethels Cinema or ‘Kates’ Peninsula General Store.

Akaroa Cafe
Akaroa Cafe’s are superb take your time

And for Akaroa accomodation you are spoilt for choice with Akaroa Waterfront Motels, Te Wepu, Akaroa Holiday Park and French Bay House just four of a wide range of amazing accomodation, make sure you book now not to be disappointed.

Make sure you visit the new and amazing Takapūneke Reserve near Akaroa, with the pou that was just unveiled at Matariki and stands proudly above Akaroa Harbour enhancing the already amazing views. Historians say that Akaroa provides an even richer ‘set of narratives around the Nations identity than Waitangi’.

Maori Celebration Matariki Takapuneke and Tuhiraki
Matariki and the official Takapuneke opening with Tuhiraki (Mt Bossu) in the background.

And when it comes to gardens, Fishermans Bay Gardens at the End of the Earth, on a road that is about the furtherest you can drive East of London and is known for it’s natural quiet and spectacular beauty is my personal favourite. The last stop before the Chatham Islands and the last stop on my Akaroa Nature and History Tour.

Watch out for the Banks Peninsula Community Preschool plant sale fundraiser at the Fishermans Bay Gardens!

Things to do in Akaroa Fishermans Bay gardens
Fishermans Bay Gardens, spectacular, wild, remote, beautiful.

But for share joy at the unexpected and creative genius The Giants House cannot be beaten, it is a must see while in Akaroa, or New Zealand for that matter, it is pure joy de vivre, which sums Akaroa up nicely. People live here because it is a beautiful place to live, it has a small and wonderful community with real characters and because of it’s natural quiet and abundant birdsong. So close to Christchurch but so very far away.

Inside Out Akaroa Gardens open from 10am – 5pm all weekend, and tickets are $45 and go on sale in September. 

We will be keeping this post updated with all the news, local recommendations and suggestions to make it a fabulous stay for the 2022 Inside Out Akaroa House & Garden Tour.

Here’s the brochure from 2020 to get you excited.

Akaroa Heritage
Akaroa History Culture Heritage

Take a private group tour while you are in Akaroa to learn and enjoy the very best of what Akaroa has to offer, history, culture, amazing scenery, special characters, and nature conservation, all in one great tour The Akaroa Nature and History Tour. BOOK your group now!

Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.