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Aotearoa NZ Histories School Trip Takapuneke

Inspiring Aotearoa NZ Histories Teacher Training PD | Akaroa

Aotearoa NZ Histories Teachers Training PD in Akaroa to Inspire a NEW Curriculum

AKAROA HAS IT ALL: Akaroa is unique in having 5 of the most important historic sites in New Zealand, close together that tell a complete settlement story. Ideal for an Aotearoa NZ Histories PD teachers training day trip.

TuhirakiMarker of the first Polynesian settlers to Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū / Banks Peninsula
TakapūnekeLocation of the Brig Elizabeth Te Rauparaha massacre that directly led to the first British Resident in NZ
Ōnuku MaraeWhere the Te Tiriti o Waitangi was first signed in the South Island
Britomart MonumentBritish demonstrated sovereignty over the South Island for the first time
Britomart ReserveKemp Purchase of Canterbury forced the sale of 8.1 million hectares for £2000 in 1848.

There is so much history of importance in Akaroa that lesser stories are overshadowed…

French LandingWhere the French settlers ship Comte de Paris arrived in August 1840
Onawe PaTe Rauparaha of Ngati Toa attacked multiple pa and villages around Banks Peninsula.
Hinewai ReserveModern conservation history; deforestation and regeneration of native forest.
NZ Farming Refrigeration in 1882, the grass seed industry, forest clearance, and conservation on farmland.
St Patricks ChurchFirst Church service in the South Island, missionaries, Bishop Pompallier, first European born child in Canterbury.
Britomart Monument Akaroa Aotearoa NZ Histories Trips
Britomart Monument Akaroa guide Marie Haley with Timaru Girls High

The Akaroa Nature and History Tour : Recommended for Aotearoa NZ Histories Teacher Training Days

This tour is specifically designed for adults as it is wide-ranging and full of depth. The tour captures the full range of stories and history that Akaroa, Banks Peninsula and New Zealand has to offer. It is an inspiring tour and will not only open up access to the important events and places that need to be covered in the Aotearoa NZ Histories but it will ALSO weave in concepts of turangawaewae, knowing who you are, and kaitiakitanga, guardianship for the future, principles that are vital for todays students.

Aotearoa NZ Histories
The Seventh Generation – Akaroa Nature and History Tour

Aotearoa NZ Histories Curriculum is REALLY Important

To be bringing in a NEW NZ Histories curriculum in 2023 is an honour to be a part of, it’s about time that NZ teaches it’s own history. For five years (since 2018) Marie has been taking tours to five of New Zealands most important historic sites, and at first it felt like sharing a secret that even locals didn’t know.

Then along came covid and suddenly Kiwis were looking for something different to do in their own back yard and suddenly it felt like sharing New Zealands BEST KEPT secret. And now with the Aotearoa NZ Histories Curriculum it feels like Takapuneke and the narratives well held by Akaroa are about to become nationally important, in more ways than one.

For five years Marie has been trying to convince people just how important these stories are, and now it is known, those stories are sought out, and that is pretty cool.

With the Aotearoa NZ Histories Curriculum we have a chance to make a real impact on the national identity and self-awareness of students, without burdening them with guilt or shame.

Your Guide Marie Haley, Expert Local Historian, Ecologist and Storyteller

Marie has decades of experience in guiding school field trips, starting in conservation trips and moving naturally to history trips.

Approved by the Ministry of Education as a Field-Based STEM facilitator, which includes all police checks.

Marie is a natural born storyteller, able to engage and connect with audiences of all sizes, she has a skill of ensuring children understand the stories by engaging their imaginations and developing a sense of ownership over the stories. She can sense the pace needed for each class and when some physical exercise is needed to spark the mind.

Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.