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Private Tour Guide Akaroa NZ The Seventh Generation Marie Haley
Things to do Akaroa

Experience the very best hidden gems Akaroa has to offer, Akaroa Attractions MUST DO things to do in this one great tour. 

Understanding the history is one of the must do things to do in Akaroa, Akaroa is just oozing with amazing historic sites. 

Being inspired by the beautiful nature is also a must do thing to do! Don’t miss out, book your tour NOW.

“Incredibly insightful tour: We had an incredible tour with Marie. She was very knowledgeable of Akaroa and Maori history and she provided unique insights to the land that you can't get on any other tour. I can't recommend this highly enough, this tour is a must do in Akaroa!!!“
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1. Takapūneke

The newest Akaroa Attraction.
The South Islands Waitangi, incredibly important hidden gem - historic and cultural site.

Take your time to visit, learn the stories, soak in the sun and scenery and connect to New Zealand’s unique heritage.

The newest of things to do in Akaroa.

Maori Celebration Matariki CCC Mayor
Takapuneke Red House Bay Akaroa
Things to do in Akaroa Lighthouse
Akaroa New Zealand History Tours

2. Akaroa Lighthouse

One of the only working historic lighthouses in the world that you can explore - inside!

Built in 1880 and still lovingly cared for by local volunteers, take the winding steps up to the viewing platform and see the lights working. 

This also makes a wonderful slow walk on a romantic weekend in Akaroa.

One of the most popular attractions in Akaroa and an original thing to do in Akaroa 

3. Ōnuku

Stunning history, scenery and culture on the harbour-side.

Everything that is unique about New Zealand can be found in this small settlement. Maori culture, rich heritage, stunning nature, there is no where else like it. 

Cultural things to do in Akaroa.

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Onuku Marae Akaroa History
Things to do in Akaroa Akaroa Heritage Park
Akaroa New Zealand Private Tours Akaroa Heritage Park

4. The Akaroa Heritage Park

Quite simply the best view of Akaroa harbour.

This is the place to sit and relax, soak up the views and imagine those French settler ships coming into the harbour – or perhaps a waka (war canoe) or two!

Stunning views of Akaroa township, Onawe, and much more! You can even walk here from Akaroa – or over to Hinewai. 

De-stressing things to do in Akaroa. 

5. Hinewai Reserve

The largest private reserve in New Zealand. And an absolute inspiration for conservation.

Established in 1987, with many kilometres of walking tracks for all levels of fitness. Reconnect with nature, go offline and off the beaten track, go slow and absorb! 

Reconnecting things to do in Akaroa. 

Quiet Parks International Hinewai Reserve The Seventh Generation Principle
Hinewai Reserve Akaroa
Things to do in Akaroa Fishermans Bay gardens
Things to do in Akaroa

6. Fishermans Bay Gardens

Gardens with a view to die for!

You simply will not believe the coastline, the beauty, the wildness of nature absorbed through an impeccably designed and maintained garden. Listen for the seals!

Beautiful things to do in Akaroa.

7. Akaroa Museum

No visit to Akaroa is complete without a visit to the Akaroa Museum, even if it’s just for the great bookstore!

A wonderful little museum with a vast array of stories and exhibits, resources and collections. 

Historic things to do in Akaroa.

Akaroa Nature and History Tour Guide Marie Haley Outside Akaroa Museum
Origional French Settler to Akaroa The Seventh Generation Marie Haley
Things to do in Akaroa Okains Bay
Things to do in Akaroa Okains Bay Museum

8. Okains Bay & museum

Take a day trip, soak up the heritage, then soak up the sun and sand and enjoy fish and chips from one of the oldest stores in New Zealand.

Okains Bay store established in 1878 and still running! Okains Bay Museum with collections of National Significance. Okains Bay camp – right on the beach. What a place to visit for a day or a weekend! 

Full day things to do in Akaroa.

Ōnawe Pa - the last stand of Ngāi Tahu in the Te Rauparaha wars. Ōnawe Peninsula - a spectacular volcanic plug and nature walk.

This short walk takes you along a spectacular coast line, past exposed volcanic plugs and lava flows, up the backbone of a peninsula within a peninsula and across the footsteps of a historic fighting pa where Ngai Tahu stood together against an invading army. 

Slow things to do in Akaroa.

Things to do in Akaroa
Banks Peninsula Geopark TE PĀTAKA O RĀKAIHAUTŪ Geopark

authentic local guide

To make the most of your experience in Akaroa go to these places with the expert local guide.

What customers say

Bringing the past, present and future of Akaroa together. A very special experience with a “living treasure”, this is an excursion that should not be missed. Who better to recount the local history and stories but a 7th generation local. Respectful of the Māori narrative, Marie weaves human endeavor, geological activity and recent ecological initiatives into a feast of information that held us enthralled for the afternoon. We are planning a return trip to Akaroa, and hope she will have a Part 2 itinerary for us then.

Best Tour Ever. Marie Haley has extensive knowledge of the culture, history and geography of the area. She is personable, friendly, and makes terrific scones. Her appreciation of the culture of the area is easily translated into her story telling (true stories of course) which made a fascinating trip. You will be a better person after spending time with Marie. Thank you for sharing your world, your history and your knowledge with us."



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