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For good coffee and traditional French baking, Crater Cafe

Best Cafes Akaroa – Authentic Super Yummy Recommendations by a Local

The Seventh Generation

I’m always asked ‘where to eat in Akaroa’, these are my recommendations, the best coffee, the best food, and the best service by local people. The 4 Best Cafes Akaroa! In no particular order.

You might notice that none of these recommendations are on the main streets, these are authentic lovely little eateries that I would honestly recommend you to go to.

The Crater Cafe for REAL Akaroa French Baking Patisserie

Best Cafes Akaroa Crater Cafe French Baking

Sam is the baker, yes a real French baker, authentic amazing French food for the only French town in New Zealand! (Finally! For many years Akaroa did not have a French bakery).

Great coffee too! And great service from a locally based team.

Address 74 Rue Lavaud – just across from The Seventh Generation Tours pick up at 78 Rue Lavaud. The Crater Cafe

It made my list of Best Cafes Akaroa for authentic French baking in our beautiful French town.

Best Cafes Akaroa Crater Cafe
Crater Cafe Street Front

The Peninsula General Store – ‘Kates’ – ‘The Local’ Best Cafes Akaroa

Best Cafes Akaroa The General Store
‘Kates’ as the locals call it.

Lovingly known by locals as Kates, for Kate the ‘retired’ school teacher who runs this warm and friendly little cafe with the best coffee in town. This is a great place to come to on a sunny day for the outside sit in the sun chairs, or on a wet day when you run inside and snuggle in to watch the rain in the big windows. – Yes Kate was my teacher too, back in the day.

The Peninsula General Store for healthy and tasty food.

On the list of Best Cafes Akaroa for coffee with a smile and ambience. 40E Rue Lavaud, Akaroa – close to the lovely Orion Art Gallery highly recommended for a visit.

The Common ‘the New’ Best Cafe Akaroa

Lovingly renovated alongside the historic building next door that hosts the new Captains Quarter Art Gallery, The Good Story bookstore, and The Cake Room, this is a common place to meet and browse.

Set up by descendants of original French settlers (and yes, somehow related to me) from the Comte de Paris (learn more about that on this link).

The Common facebook page for updates and their yummy (and well priced) 2023 menu below.

This really is a great place in Akaroa for a seated lunch. Definitely on the list of Best Cafes Akaroa for food and dogs.

65 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa – very close to the fabulous Akaroa Museum (free and must do Akaroa)

Best Cafes Akaroa The Common
One of the Newest Cafes in Akaroa The Common
Best Cafes Akaroa The Common Cabinet Food
The Cabinet Food at The Common
Best Cafes in Akaroa The Common Lunch Menu
The Common Lunch Menu 2023

The Common Dogs

Best Cafes Akaroa The Common
The Common Dogs

Dogs are welcome at The Common and even have a ‘Wall of Fame’, they are even okay inside the cafe if under good control. If you are travelling and miss your dogs this is a good place for some poochie love. For dogs these are also the Best Cafes Akaroa!

Ethel’s Cinema, Cafe and Bar – The Best Pizza in Town, movies and damn good coffee too!

Best Cafes Akaroa Ethels

Here is the menu for pizza!

And the regularly updated website for the movies currently playing. This is a lovely boutique cinema, and honestly sometimes you can have the whole cinema to yourself, or you might make friends with the few other people at the showing. But they have up to date modern films and many films that you won’t find playing in the boring big blockbuster places.

Run by a local family, and employing local staff who great you with a smile and are happy to chat, a sunny sheltered patio is a great place to sit if there is a bit of a cold wind on the waterfront.

Here in the Best cafes Akaroa – ranking for movies, pizza, coffee and local owners and staff.

4 Selwyn Avenue, Akaroa – by the school and library (yes free internet).

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