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Akaroa children learning about the natural history of Akaroa, how did this place look pre-human?

Discover Awesome School History in Akaroa for Ages 1-100

School history in Akaroa, is available to children of all ages and abilities, they can and should learn history, stories help kids connect to place and make informed decisions for their future.

School history trip to Akaroa
Pre-school children learning about a Maori oven or umu that was used for traditional cooking.

Akaroa Playcentre recently went on a cultural and history outing with The Seventh Generation to understand the stories and history that makes their place in the world unique. Demonstrating that children of all ages are able to participate in learning about their history.

They learned about the way Banks Peninsula was before human arrival, the very first settlers and how they claimed this place because it was so abundant.

The children heard about giant eagles that would steal children and giant birds that peacefully roamed the forest. Of plucking birds from the forest they were so tame and there were so many! Of a harbor filled with fish and whales, so noisy that the first settlers couldn’t sleep with all their nighttime noise!

The kids learned of the Takapuneke Brig Elizabeth Incident that changed the history of New Zealand and brought the first British Resident to our shores. The Treaty of Waitangi and the Race for Akaroa.

While this is first steps for many (almost literally) we all know that kids love and absorb stories quickly, they learn many things from the stories we tell them so why not tell them the stories that make up our national identity and make Akaroa and New Zealand absolutely unique early on!

GeologyThe creation of Banks Peninsula and New Zealand
AnthropologyThe Polynesian explorers and first settlers
HistoryMaori and European contact and conflict
Treaty of WaitangiHow it arose, Canterbury’s involvement and first signatories
Biology, Natural HistoryHow Banks Peninsula was on first settlement of both the Polynesians and Europeans
Social StudiesPersonal connections to the French settlement and changes in culture over time
Marie has the ability and expertise to cover so many subject areas in one trip, this is a taste!

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Great field trip reviews of School History in Akaroa

“Your kōrero was informative and considerate! It was rich in history, well detailed, and researched. It served as a reminder of just how important it is for students to learn about where they come from and the stories from where they reside. Such learning out of the classroom is invaluable and necessary! It allows learners to make connections and better understand the world around them. Our students were able to visualise and better comprehend the events which had taken place in Akaroa and make connections with what happened then and what continues to happen in Aotearoa, New Zealand.” 

Courtney, teacher Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Whānau Tahi, Christchurch.

School History in Akaroa is aligned with the 2022 School History Curriculum

It is so wonderful that finally New Zealand History is being taught in New Zealand schools, it’s about time! We all need to know where we came from and how our country evolved over time.

Marie runs inclusive history tours that welcome people of all backgrounds to participate in understanding the history of New Zealand and how they personally connect to that history.

With a wide area of expertise Marie’s tours are completely flexible to suit the needs of your class and doesn’t just teach school history in Akaroa but can also take a completely immersive nature connections trip to Hinewai Reserve, to understand natural processes and natural history. Children can participate in understanding Natural Quiet and learn about deep listening. They can understand regeneration and ecological systems.

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Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.