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Amazing Banks Track Special! + Your 12 Track Questions Answered!

The Seventh Generation

Banks Track Specials | Akaroa Nature and History Tour

$20 off (normal price $120)

Book this 3-hour tour, departing Akaroa at 12:15pm directly with Marie Haley at or Call 033047654

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This wide-ranging tour visits five of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most important historic sites that together “have a narrative more important than Waitangi” (Harry Evison). It includes homemade afternoon tea at the Akaroa Heritage Park, and visits areas of the Wildside and Hinewai Reserve not visited by Banks Track.

Leaving at 12:15pm and arriving back to the Banks Track bus stop at 3:15pm the tour time fits nicely between arriving to Akaroa and transport to the first night of the walk.

This is a “must-do experience in Akaroa” considered by long term local landowners as “the best tour they’ve ever done”, other travellers reviews are all 5-stars: “world class” and “remarkable”. READ OUR REVIEWS

This tour is ideal for track walkers as it interweaves indigenous concepts of turangawaewae, kaitiakitanga and the seventh generation principle into the tour, leaving you with a deep understanding and connection to the landscape that you are about to walk. It takes you to places just on the edges of the Banks Track, places you pass by and wonder about.

Tours Akaroa
The Seventh Generation – Natural and Cultural History Tours.

Itinerary – Akaroa Nature and History Tour Banks Track Special

Tuhiraki; one of the oldest and most important cultural sites, connecting to the naming of Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū (Banks Peninsula). 

Takapūneke; the Brig Elizabeth incident that gave rise to the first British resident to New Zealand and ultimately the Treaty of Waitangi. 

Ōnuku; where the Te Tirity was first signed in the South Island. 

Britomart Monument; where soverignty over the South Island was first demonstrated to ‘race the French’. 

Britomart Reserve; where the Kemp Purchase took 8.1 million hectares of Ngāi Tahu land. 

We then visit the French settlement before heading to the Akaroa heritage park for afternoon tea and climb the crater to the Wildside, visiting Hinewai Reserve, and the sea cliffs at the ‘end of the earth’. 

All told by a seventh generation French descendant, historian, ecologist and storyteller. Marie managed the Wildside project for eight years, remembers Hinewai’s establishment when Hugh Wilson ‘moved in next door’ and has thoroughly researched Akaroa’s history, now teaching school children the Aotearoa NZ histories curriculum.

Onuku Marae Akaroa History
The Seventh Generation – Natural and Cultural History Tours.

Find Out More – Common Questions Asked About Banks Track!

How hard is the Banks track?

1st night: 5.30 pm pick up in Akaroa for the first night.

1st day: Onuku to Flea Bay 11 km and 5-7 hours.

2nd day: Flea Bay to Stony Bay 8 km and 3-5 hours.

3rd day: Stony Bay to Akaroa 12 km and 5-7 hours.

Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 12 hours to complete.

How long is the Banks Peninsula walk?

31.5km trail

What is so special about Banks Peninsula?

Banks Peninsula is an absolutely unique landform, especially when seen from a NASA satellite image. Akaroa is rich in Maori and European history, conservation projects, remote and beautiful bays and isolated landscapes found no where else.

Taking a Akaroa Nature and History Tour before you do the track will deepen your experience, as you will understand who’s footsteps you walk in.

How was Banks Peninsula formed?

Banks Peninsula is the eroded remnants of volcanoes that erupted 12 – 5.8 million years ago. Eroded away by time and wind and wave erosion Banks Peninsula is absolutely unique.

Maori Celebration Matariki Takapuneke and Tuhiraki
The Banks Peninsula landscape is unique as is the Maori and New Zealand History found there.

How to make Banks Peninsula Track Bookings

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Find out about banks track distances

Walking Distances and Estimated Times

The Banks Track is 31 kms of hill country walking.

  • Section 1 Onuku – Flea Bay. 11 kms, 5-7 hrs
  • Section 2 Flea Bay – Stony Bay. 8 kms, 3-5 hrs
  • Section 3 Stony Bay – Akaroa. 12 kms, 5-7 hrs
Things to do in Akaroa Fishermans Bay Gardens
The Banks Track landscape seen from the Akaroa Nature and History Tour, the ’lost last day’

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Banks Track legend Hugh Wilson and guide Marie Haley
Banks Track legend Hugh Wilson has been friends with local guide Marie Haley for decades.

Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.