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About the seventh generation

In all your actions, think of


after you, and that came before

About The Seventh Generation Principle:

An Indigenous Concept, to think of the seventh generation coming after you in your words, work and actions, and to remember the seventh generation who came before.

Based on an ancient philosophy of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois), recognized as the oldest democracy in the world and believed to be the model of the American Constitution, the foundation document of the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth.

About Akaroa nature and history tours

Guided by a seventh generation French descendant, who takes you on a fascinating journey. From Akaroa on human arrival, through the major events that shaped the nation, to a vision of how Akaroa could be seven generations into the future, leaving you with hope.

Akaroa is unique in New Zealand in having a grouping of five of the most important historic sites in the country that tell a complete settlement story, from first Polynesians, intertribal warfare, the Treaty of Waitangi, imperial rivalry, indigenous land claims, Akaroa has it all!


Visit the stunning Akaroa Nature Heritage Park, internationally important Hinewai Reserve, the community led Wildside Project, areas of significant Natural Quiet and understand the ecological concepts behind it all.

With a natural born storyteller, lifetime historian and trained ecologist, you will be astounded at the richness and diversity of the nature and history of Akaroa, and want to come back for more.

About The Seventh Generation Marie Haley Morning tea with a view
The Seventh Generation Guide outside Onuku Church


Literally meaning to dig your toes in, to put down your roots, to know where you belong. 

By knowing your place in the world, and the stories that connect you to that place, you know who you are.


Guardianship, to protect that which you love for future generations.

An energy that rises from knowing where you connect to place, that gives you the power to protect from your heart.


Hospitality, to welcome, share kai/food, make people feel welcomed whereever they are from.

To tell great stories, that connect people to place, and to give the gift of understanding, so that you leave my place better.

About the seventh generation…
how it began

Collecting stories has been a lifetime hobby for Marie Haley, she tucks them away like a magpie storing treasures.
When there were so many stories that her friends got sick of hearing them, she started a tour company. And the wisdom “do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life” began.
Storytelling is Marie's purpose in life, it brings her alive.

On the Rebecca Lynch Memorial Scholarship to the University of Idaho in America, Marie met an old Cœur d'Alêne Indian Chief, Cliff Sir John who helped her understand the indigenous world view and the concepts that resonated in her own connection to place.

In community conservation it was understanding our human values systems, of why we choose to protect one species over another, and in this realising that "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandala).

On Campbell Island in the New Zealand sub-Antarctic Islands it was being overwhelmed with the beauty and abundance of nature in it's wild state. Of living in a naturally quiet place where humans are not in charge.

At home on the farm it was sitting on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean while helping Dad muster sheep and having endless time to observe and wonder.

As a child it was hearing oral stories of the family connections and important events that unfolded in Akaroa that fueled a young imagination and curiosity.

All these experiences contributed to the need to start a tourism company where philosophy, indigenous concepts, natural quiet, and the protection of beauty and nature are core. Interwoven with stories that connect you to place and broaden your understanding of Akaroa's importance in the unfolding of New Zealand history. Forming a complete story that will link the past, present and future into one compelling narrative.



Passionate about the seventh generation after us