The Seventh Generation is a regenerative business dedicated to the beauty and conservation of our wonderful nature.


The Seventh Generation is an indigenous concept that whatever you do, you should think of the seventh generation coming after you, and I am also the seventh generation from the first French settlers to come to Akaroa. I use my knowledge of natural and cultural history to establish a baseline that people can imagine in their mind's eye; the beauty and abundance of Akaroa when the first Polynesians arrived and when my family arrived. From that we travel through the incredible history that happened in Akaroa and changed the course of the nation, told by visiting three of the most important sites in New Zealand and weaving together the stories into one easy to follow narrative.



We tell stories from the past to create a deep understanding of the present and vision for the future.


We teach you about what makes this part of the world so special.


Let us take you to special places to share their beauty and develop a sense of connection.


We believe in the importance of telling positive and inspiring stories.


We offer a one-of-a-kind experience in which you can participate and engage.

Marie Haley

What does the future look like?

Marie is the founder and guide of The Seventh Generation. She was born and raised on Banks Peninsula, as a seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. She grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of her Grandfather, and his Grandfather before. Early in her life, she developed a love for nature and was immersed in the outstanding beauty of the landscapes surrounding her. From the age of six she knew that she would devote her life to the conservation of native species and protection of the incredible beauty of New Zealand. In her work as a wildlife ranger and wildside coordinator, this dream has become reality. With The Seventh Generation, she wants to share her passion and knowledge with other people to provide a deeper understanding and local connection to the history and nature of her special place.

"I am passionate about these tours, as I love telling stories, but also these stories inspire me with hope every time I tell them. When I finish a tour with a tingle up my spine and hugs all around I know that I have made that connection for the people on my tours. I love knowing that I have inspired people to see the future as positive and that we can participate in that change. It is my way of life."

"I believe that you will be in awe of the spectacular history of Akaroa and my very personal family story. With my passion for the natural environment and personal view of how we can each make a difference in this world, I would love for you to spend the day with me and learn about what makes this part of the world so special! Let me share my place, my tūrangawaewae, with you. As a kaitiaki, a guardian, of this special place in the world."


Many people know Akaroa for its beauty, for the Hectors dolphins and fish n’ chips. Most people know of the French settlement. But in Akaroa if you delve beneath the surface you will find a rich and complex story of Polynesian voyages and Maori settlement, musket wars and early trade, ferocious battle and bloody conquest, an international race for Akaroa, the romantic willow, Napoleon Bonaparte and Victor Hugo, settlement, struggle, environmental destruction and a new era of inspiring conservation work. Hear the personal stories of the small but vibrant community, the people who make this place truly and remarkably unique. Learn of the Wildside project, a nationally recognised conservation program that won the 2017 Green Ribbon Award for Community Leadership and the 2017 National Biosecurity Award. The Wildside project is managed by your guide, Marie Haley, who will share her firsthand experience of the philosophy behind what makes the project unique.


Let us show you the beauty of New Zealand's natural and cultural history.