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Maori Culture and history on Banks Peninsula is rich, the landscapes stunning, the nature abundant.

Tours of enchanted nature and abundant time.

I started The Seventh Generation Tours to allow me to share with the world my passion for this place, my enchantment with nature and the history and people who bring this beautiful place to life.

I grew up walking these hills observing nature and was blessed with one of the greatest riches in the world, time. Living far away from the many distractions of the modern world I had many hours as a child where I would go out with the aim to get lost in the bush, sadly for me I never achieved this aim and always found where I was. It was through these many hours that I developed the skills of a adventurer, nature observer, philosopher and dreamer.

Now I find my life as an adult is hardly different from the life I led as a child, my most enjoyable hobby is to daydream in nature whether that is whilst undertaking conservation tasks such as monitoring penguins, checking on weta motels, or whilst doing farm work, walking the dogs, gathering mushrooms or swimming in our creek.

This unguarded time has developed into a deep love of nature, this when planted in the deep and fertile soil of knowing well my family history and the epic stories that have created a rich culture in Akaroa, has allowed in me a deep rooting that is my tūrangawaewae – my place to stand.

It is this particular perspective of the world that I wish to share and the hundreds of stories that together form my world view.

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