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Akaroa Nature and History | Family tours Special

3 hours | 2 Adults + 2 Children ONLY $290 | Save $150 Extra Adults: $120, Children $25 | Departs Akaroa 10am or 1pm

Get to know your own country a little better. Find out all about your history as New Zealanders, brought to you by a direct descendant of the French settlers. Visit some of the most important historic sites such as Takapuneke, the site of the Brig Elizabeth Te Rauparaha massacre, Onuku Marae where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed and Britomart Monument, the place of the British declaration of sovereignty. Experience the stories of the past in a new way, and leave with a new sense of hope and appreciation for New Zealand.

“As a long time residents we loved Marie’s stories. The depth of knowledge about the plants and animals filled in lots of gaps in our understanding. I completely recommend this tour. Wonderful to hear such passion about the Banks Peninsula.”

— Kate and Grant Ryan, The Cacophony Project

Marie Haley

I am your guide, Marie Haley, I was born and raised on Banks Peninsula. The seventh generation direct decedent of Akaroa’s very first French settler. I grew up on the family farm following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and his Grandfather before.